Great court at central location!

Comeback Hoops is now hitting the courts! Stay active and know exactly when games are being played because Comeback's got you covered. All league and playoff games are refereed by experienced officials to guarantee smooth game play.
No more driving all over town to catch a pick-up game! Every game you play is hosted at your team's home court. Every game, every week.

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How to play Comeback Hoops


This season will run for 7 consecutive weeks, including playoffs. Comeback Teams are encouraged to have their own jerseys with numbers on the back to improve quality of play.

Game Rules

  • 6 regular season games (2 twenty minute half's).
  • Officials - each game officiated by two officials.
  • Team Jerseys- Light vs. Dark (Teams will be designated light or dark for each game)
  • Post game deals at local sponsor bar.
  • Playoff tournament for qualifying teams- Prizes for league champions.

Why haven't you joined yet?


We are here to help. Call or email today and we will get you squared away!


One to two experienced officials will be officiating every one of your league and playoff games. Who knows, you might even catch a joke or two!


No more driving all over the city to play. The court you register for is the court you will the entire season at! Did we mention that we play in the nicest court facilities in locations around the city? We do.


Top teams in each league qualify for our Playoff Tournament! Play an additional 1-3 games as a fun bonus in our battle for honor and glory! As if greatness on the court was not enough!

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