This sport is all about FUN!

We encourage ridiculous team outfits, cheering sections and friendly rivalries. The bottom line is: you’ll love it! There is no age limit for Comeback Kickball. If you are worried about your skills on the diamond or if you have never played, we have a rookie league just for you.

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Kickball is on break until our Spring '18 league starts back up in April! Registration will open in January for our Early Bird Discount.

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How to play Comeback Kickball


We encourage ridiculous team outfits, cheering sections, and friendly rivalries. The bottom line is, this sport is all about FUN! There is no age limit for kickball and you only must be eighteen or older and twenty-one for the post game experience. If you are worried about your skills on the diamond or you’re new to kickball, sign up for our Rookie league. But when it comes down to it, it’s KICKBALL! Everyone can do it!

Game Rules

  • Coed – 10 players on the field (everyone kicks) and a minimum of 4 players of each gender.
  • Rosters may have up to 16 players (a minimum of 8 players are required to play).
  • Each game is 6 innings or 60 minutes, whichever happens first.
  • No side-arm or overhand pitch delivery permitted.
  • No Walks.
  • Pitcher is required to keep one foot on the pitching rubber until the ball is kicked.
  • 2 umpires will call the game, 1 behind home plate and another at 1st base..
  • 3 strikes for an out. A strike is over the plate, below the knee.
  • Catch a flyball.
  • Force out at a base (think baseball).
  • Hit a runner below the neck with the ball before they reach a base safely.
  • Any team that is down 3 or more runs in the last inning of play and comes from behind to win will be awarded a Comeback Point (thereby increasing your chances of getting to the coveted Comeback World Series!!).
Just get some friends together and sign your team up. Or sign up as an individual and we’ll place you on an Indy team in your designated skill level. Either way, come prepared to have a great time and meet new friends in the Comeback sports arena.Take a break from your work week, have fun on the diamond and socialize over some drinks at the bar after the game!


That are as knowledgeable about the rules of kickball but they are really there making sure you have a great time. Believe it (or not) we are experts on organizing good times on and off the diamond!


Your team is decked out in sweet team shirts in the color of your choosing.


Top teams in each league qualify for our Playoff Tournament! Play an additional 1-3 games as a fun bonus in our battle for honor and glory!

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